Listed Company CRUN/Lubrication System-FDRZ Series Air Blower Thin Oil Lubrication Station

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Brand Name: CRUN
Model Number: FDRZ
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 26,2012

Product Description: Listed Company CRUN/Lubrication System-FDRZ Series Air Blower Thin Oil Lubrication Station

FDRZ series air blower thin oil lubrication station is a auxiliary product of power industry equipment which supply oil to friction parts with reducing friction and cooling. The equipment will ensure oil supply and the quality of lubrication oil, meanwhile, supply oil to wind adjusting system, which will make the equipment operate normal.

The equipment is composed of oil tank, oil pump, accumulator, heat exchanger, valves, filter, pipes and instruments.

Equipped with two main pumps, one works and the other is for spare. The spare pump may automatically start/stop according to operation.

The accumulator will buffer pressure fluctuation of the system, add flow needed in the oil control lines, and reduce energy consumption.

Not need to stop machine while changing and cleaning filtering mesh for use of duplex tank mesh filter. And it will automatically alarm when the mesh is blocked.

-Magnetic oil return filter can absorb 99% magnetic material.

The pressure reducing valve of oil supply system can insure constant pressure when changing of low.

There is a manhole on the oil tank which is convenient to check and clean.

There are level sensor, oil leveler, electrical contacts and bimetal thermometer, air purifier, sampling valves, oil drainage valve an so on.

Thin oil lubrication equipment, electrical control panel and instrument panel are interlocked with center control of the host machine. Therefore, full automatic operation management without man can be achieved.

Oil is drawn out by oil pump from oil tank and goes through one-way valve, security valve, heat exchanger, duplex tube oil filter, then directly sent to destination through two ways. One branch is sent to the air blower adjusting system by the overflow valve as dynamic oil, and it will flow back to oil tank through oil outlet. The other branch will go into valves group. Then its pressure will be reduced in the reducing pressure valves group and divided into two lines. It passes flow control valve and flow monitor, then it will be sent to lubrication points, and finally flow back to oil tank through return valves. The highest working pressure of the device can be adjusted according to the users’ requirement. The overflow valve is regarded as the safety valve, and its pressure can be regulated according to the main machine. When the working pressure exceeds the regulated pressure, the overflow valve will open automatically, and the overflowed oil will flow back into the oil tank.


Ambient Conditions:

Elevation: ≤1,000 meters

Power: Three-phase four-wire system AC380V/220V

Fluctuations≤10%;50Hz, Fluctuations≤1%

Ambient Temperature: (0-40)°C (Humidity: 60%-90%)

No vibration, corrosive gas, fire, explosion, and non-outdoor service

Supplier Details:

Sichuan CRUN Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. David Chen

Contact Phone:0086-28-61836262

Main Products:Hydraulic Parts

Business type:Manufacturer


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