used tire shredder machinery

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Brand Name: Taihang
Model Number: XKP400/450/560
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jun 27,2011

Product Description: used tire shredder machinery

Process flow:waste tyre--cutting loop mouth--cutting strip--cutting dice crushing filtering--magnetic separating filtering--finished productsProcessing method:Physic mechanical crushing method at normal temperature of waste tyre:nochemical raw material is required,no waste gas,washte water and soot are discharged, and the cooling water of the equipment is reused,no emission,equipment noise is within the range specified by the country(GB20055-2006),fineness of rubber powder produced by it is adjustable(10 meshes to 30 meshes),take waste tyre as example,the process is as follows:breaking down,crushing,filtering,magnetic separating,grin-ding,then the finished products are produced.1.Tyre bead ring cutting off machineThis machine mian to cut the inner dimater of the tyre, and cut the side of the tyre to the next step of segmentation.Motor powerWorking rangeWorking quatitySize of figureweight of equipment2.2kw750-1200tyre25-30strips/h1150*850*12000.5ton2.Tyre bead steel ring seperatorTyre bead steel ring seperator by double cell extrusion, and the two grooved roller speed differential will ring in the mouth than the wire separation, maintaining good physicalproperties of steel wire, rubber can then use it to avoid environmental pollution.Motor powerWorking rangeSize of dischargeSize of equipmentWeight of euipment15kw1 mouth of tyre need1 miutumines1.2*500*201500*1100*12001.8ton3.tyre strips cutting machineStrips cutting machine can cut cycle machine to remove the wire tire sidewall cut into strips, and the width of the adjustable section. Two circular knives for specialmaterials, hard and durable, can be used repeatedly grinding for no more than 1200 steel tires.Motor powerWorking rangeWorking diamaterSizeof dischargeSizeof equipmentWeightof equipment5.5kw10strips/hLess 120035-551230*650*15800.8ton4.yre rim cutting machineCutting machine can cut a tire strip, cut block, tool for the alloy cutting tools, nearly 9-11 tons per day, cutting tools are not sharp and repeated grindingMotor powerWorking quitatySize of dischargeSize of equipmentWeight of equipment7.5kw0.8-1.5t/h35*35*35780*550*12100.6ton Tyre crushing machineWaste Rubber equipment consist of the decomposition of waste tire facilities, mill group, screening magnetic powder delivery unit.Through the tyre bead ring cutting off machine, tyre strips cutting machine and the tyre rim cutting machine , first tyre processed into 3.5 cm square pieces; then type on the rubber mill group XKP400/450/560 blocks havebroken ground wire mixed powder, then powder Magnetic conveyor type unit screening will be completely separate wire and tire rubber. By belt conveyor through two sieve bedsfilter out the fine material via magnetic roller, magnetic separation of the wire, the system of 10-degree head -40 mesh fine powder purity (fineness optional). Below standardmesh fineness of powder materials by conveyor to return block grinding mill again, this cycle of advanced grinding technology, without any chemicals, no gas, no water, lowoperating costs. Magnetic effect of 99.9% of steel wire to XKP450 type, for example, the total installed power 80KW, 1 ton per tire processing power around 200 degrees, output200-400 kg per hour (to obtain powder of different fineness, yield also different), is the use of steel wire tire rubber powder produced the best equipment. Host (broken plastic machine) for the whole facility: mainly used for rubber block grinding milling, the machine rolls of chilled cast iron, hard wear-resistant surface, rollafter roll for the groove, cavity processing, so that the roll surface temperature uniform; with overload protection and emergency braking device, safe and reliable; with handwheel adjustment roller spacing, easy to operate, output per hour production of 200-400KG.This machine has one base, frame, front and rear roller, transmission gear, gear box, adjust the device, roller temperature control devices, safety switches and electricalcontrol systems and other components.Roller material alloy chilled cast iron (the implementation of national HG/T3108-1998 roll standards), with high hardness and wear resistance, roller temperature control deviceaccess to the roller cylinder to adjust the roller cooling water temperature to meet the process requirements

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