reflective paint,hot melt road marking paint,thermoplastic

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Post Date: Mar 24,2012

Product Description: reflective paint,hot melt road marking paint,thermoplastic

road marking paint


1. Product Description

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint consists of a light colored aggregate (silica sand), white pigment (titanium dioxide), glass beads, binders, filler material (calcium carbonate), EVA and it is all held together with a thermoplastic resin. Thermoplastic is a long life road marking material which is solid powder condition with good stability in storage under normal temperature. Dry thermoplastic compound is generally heated in a thermostatically controlled pre-heater/boiler to a temperature of 180~200 and agitated continuously until a homogenized liquid is achieved before transferring to an application vehicle. Applied at this temperature, the thermoplastic melts into the upper surface of the asphalt forming a thermal bond. When the temperature is cooled to normal condition, the thermal bond is turn into hard thermoplastic film with a good wear resistance. When applying onto a concrete surface the use of a tack coat primer is recommended. 

Thanks to thermoplastic durability and long lasting retroreflectivity, it is widely applied in highway and road. We are capable of formulating and supplying different thermoplastic material for our customer option in accordance with the retroreflective requirements, application condition and climate variation specified by our customers. When properly formulated and correctly applied, thermoplastic road marking paint should last in excess of five years under normal traffic conditions.    


2. Packaging

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint is supplied in 25kg low melt polythene sacks. Each bag is 25kg of powder mixture and supplied in 1.5 ton batches, covered and stretch wrapped for protection.


3. Product Features

Higher adhesive strength - in order to improve the adhesive strength in our recipe of this thermoplastic road marking paint the special elastomer is added in. Stronger crack resistance - to prevent the thermoplastic melted film away from deformation caused by the nature temperature variation, in our recipe we compounded a special additive to be seasoned with the temperature.             Bright color - to introduce high quality color filler in our recipe with reasonable mixture proportion, it help this thermoplastic paint to last use for years without color change.     Enhanced wet night visibility Immediate retroreflectivity High usage ratio - this thermoplastic road marking paint has smaller density, more volume and higher paint coverage comparing with the competitors similar products in China. Low maintenance costs  - single application of this thermoplastic material immediately restores the Luminance and Retroreflective properties of the product.

4. Product Color

White and Yellow

5. Product Reference Dosage



Film Thickness



Primer oil

Glass beads








 6. Caution

The road working surface must be clean and dry. Above 0 is recommended.   The melting temperature shall be properly controlled at 180-200 to keep for over 5 minutes. The melted liquid material shall be mixed sufficiently before pouring out. To use of a tack coat primer on the surface, it shall be coated well. After the primer is dry, the paint shall be started to spray. For the new constructed road, after three or more months or doing a special treatment it is recommended to start the paint work.

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