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Product Description: new!!electric bicycle lithium battery e-bike kit

Why Electric Bike Kits Are Becoming More Popular?

An electric bike kit is simply an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. It converts an ordinary bicycle into an electric bike. The battery is simply recharged by plugging to the electricity mains. If you already know how to ride a bicycle, you don’t have a problem using the electric bike. Just pedal and allow the motor to kick in, then relax and enjoy your ride.

Personally, I believe that in these times of recession, one ought to prefer buying an electric bike conversion kit rather than opting for a brand new electric bike. This decision hs mant dvntages. One of them is that, this conersion kit is very cheap. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on electric bike, I would simply convert my bicycle to n electric one. I don’t need fuel to power my bike. When it runs down I recharge and ride on.

You also have the freedom to choose from the numerous brands of bicycles depending on your lifestyle. Electric bike manufacturers are few compared to bicycle manufacturers. You can convert your very own bicycle to an electric bike by installing the conversion kit.

A bicycle converted to an electric bike is lighter than an electric bike. You are also used to your bicycle, making riding easier and stress less.

The electric bike is suitable for physical fitness programme. If you want to burn extra calories without stress, just get an electric bike kit and use it for your keep fit exercises. Stress less exercises of this sort can be very effective for the management of some disease conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and arthritis.

You shouldn’t waste time at traffics. Install an electric bike kit on your bicycle and save yourself a lot of time, fuel and energy. During rush hours don’t use your car for short distance trips. Instead, make use of your electric bike. You will go through any available space on a traffic jam. You don’t have to worry about the need for parking space.

The electric bike kit is more economical compared to a new electric bike. If you already have any kind of bicycle, go ahead and get a conversion kit and enjoy the pleasure of riding


 battery  details Norminal Voltage36VRated Capacity10AHCut off valtage25VMaximum charge voltage42VMaximum charge current4AMaximum continuous Discharge Current20APack Weightabout4kg


new improved electric bicycle motor
1:brake type :bolted type disc
2:suitable WheelRim:12"-28"
3:our infeinon contorller can set high/middle/low speed option
4:bolted type disc is same as own bicycle brake
E-Bike Conversion Kits:
1. Mini Motor Conversion Kits:
24V/36V/48V 200W Mini Motor Kits
24V/36V/48V 250W Mini Motor Kits
36V/48V 350W Mini Motor Kits
2. Big Motor Conversion Kits:
24V/36V/48V 500W Big Motor Kits
36V 750W Big Motor Kits
48V 1000W Big Motor Kits
E-Bike Conversion Kit
Front or Rear Wheel (the whole wheel!) with different Watt Powerful Brushless Hub Motor
(The wheel size comes with 16", 18", 20", 24", 26", 700C and 28". Please specify your wheel size and the Voltage you wanted when you order)
Motor Controller
Battery Charger
2 Brake pullers
Twist Grip Throttle
Battery Power Indicator
2ea. Handlebar Grips
Pedelec Sensor
Battery Connecting Harness
Battery Carrying Bag


16", 18", 20" Wheel:  (Front Wheel Kit): 48cm X 48cm X 18cm
16", 18", 20" Wheel:  (Rear Wheel Kit): 48cm X 48cm X 221cm
24" Wheel:  (Front Wheel Kit): 60cm X 60cm X 18cm
24" Wheel:  (Rear Wheel Kit): 60cm X 60cm X 22cm
26" Wheel:  (Front Wheel Kit): 65cm X 65cm X 18cm
26" Wheel:  (Rear Wheel Kit): 65cm X 65cm X 22cm
28",700C Wheel:  (Front Wheel Kit): 71cm X 71cm X 18cm
28",700C Wheel:  (Rear Wheel Kit): 71cm X 71cm X 22cm


Safety Rules when Riding Scooters:

Responsible riders do not duck in and out of traffic.

Friends don't let friends ride scooters when drunk.

Responsible riders do not ride at fast speeds on the sidewalk.

Friends don't let inexperienced friends ride souped-up scooters.

Responsible riders recognize that pedestrians always have the right-of-way.

Responsible parents insure that their children wear proper safety gear when riding scooters.


MotorFront / rear wheel  high speed brushless geared  hub motor.Battery24V/10Ah Li-ion battery. 36V/10Ah Li-ion battery. 12V/10Ah Li-ion battery All battery including BMSPAS1:1 intelligent pedal assistant system.Controllerintelligent bruhslessChargerAC 100V -240V 2amps smart charger Charging time:4-6hours  ThrottleTwist intelligent speed throttle .



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