#HOT# Intel Pentium dual core cpu-E2140(1.6GHz,800MHz,1MB,Socket775)with good price/in stock

Price: US $ 1 - 100 / Piece
Brand Name: Intel
Model Number: CPU-E2140
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 24,2012

Product Description: #HOT# Intel Pentium dual core cpu-E2140(1.6GHz,800MHz,1MB,Socket775)with good price/in stock

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Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2140 1.6GHz 800MHz 1MB Socket 775 CPU

General Features: Intel Pentium Dual-Core Desktop Processor E2140 1.6 GHz CPU Speed 800 MHz Bus Speed 1 MB L2 Cache Socket 775   0.85V - 1.5V VID Voltage Range Dual-Core Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology Intel EM64T Enhanced Halt State (C1E) Execute Disable Bit Intel Thermal Monitor 2





Celeron CPU

1 Celeron D331 (2.66GHz,256KB,533MHz,775pin,90nm)

2 Celeron D336 (2.8GHz,256KB,533MHz,775pin,90nm)

3 Celeron D346 (3.06GHz,256KB,533MHz,775pin,90nm)

4 Celeron D347 (3.06GHz,512KB,533MHz,775pin,65nm)

5 Celeron D420 (1.60GHz,512KB,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

6 Celeron D430 (1.80GHz,512KB,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

7 Celeron D352 3.06 GHZ ,512KB,533MHZ,775PIN,65nm)

Pentium 4 CPU

1 P4 (530) (3.0GHz 1M,800MHz,775pin,90nm)

2 P4 (531) (3.0GHz 1M,800MHz,775pin,90nm)

3 P4 (540) (3.2GHz 1M,800MHz,775pin,90nm)

4 P4 (541) (3.2GHz 1M,800MHz,775pin,90nm)

5 P4 (630) (3.0GHz 2M,800MHz,775pin,90nm)

6 P4 (631) (3.0GHz 2M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

7 P4 (640) (3.2GHz 2M,800MHz,775pin,90nm)

8 P4 (641) (3.2GHz 2M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

9 P4 (524-519) (3.0 ghz 1m,533 mhz,775pin,90 nm)


Pentium D CPU

1 PD 915 (2.80GHz 2*2M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

2 PD 920 (2.80GHz 2*2M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

3 PD 925 (3.00GHz 2*2M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)


Celeron Dual Core CPU

1 Celeron Dual Core - (E1200) (1.6GHz,512KB,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

2 Celeron Dual Core - (E1400) (2.0GHz,512KB,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

3 Celeron Dual Core - (E1500) (2.2GHz,512KB,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

4 Celeron Dual Core - (E1600) (2.4GHz,512KB,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

5 Celeron Dual Core - (E3200) (2.4GHz,1M,800MHz,775pin,45nm)

6 Celeron Dual Core - (E3300) (2.5GHz,1M,800MHz,775pin,45nm)


Pentium Dual Core CPU

1 Pentium Dual Core - (E2140) (1.6GHz,1M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

2 Pentium Dual Core - (E2160) (1.8GHz,1M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

3 Pentium Dual Core - (E2180) (2.0GHz,1M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

4 Pentium Dual Core - (E2200) (2.2GHz,1M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

5 Pentium Dual Core - (E2210) (2.2GHz,1M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

6 Pentium Dual Core - (E2220) (2.4GHz,1M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

7 Pentium Dual Core - (E5200) (2.5GHz,2M,800MHz,775pin,45nm)

8 Pentium Dual Core - (E5300) (2.6GHz,2M,800MHz,775pin,45nm)

9 Pentium Dual Core - (E5400) (2.7GHz,2M,800MHz,775pin,45nm)

10 Pentium Dual Core - (E6300) (2.8GHz,2M,1066MHz,775pin,65nm)

11 Pentium Dual Core - (E6420) (2.13GHz,4M,1066MHz,775pin,65nm)

12 Pentium Dual Core - (E6500) (2.93GHz,2M,1066MHz,775pin,45nm)

13 Pentium Dual Core - (E6600) (2.4GHz,4M,1066MHz,775pin,65nm)


Pentium Core 2 Dual CPU

1 Core 2 Dual-(E4300) (1.8GHz,2M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

2 Core 2 Dual-(E4400) (2.0GHz,2M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

3 Core 2 Dual-(E4500) (2.2GHz,2M,800MHz,775pin,65nm)

4 Core 2 Dual-(E6400) (2.13GHz,2M,1066MHz,775pin,65nm)

5 Core 2 Dual-(E6420) (2.13GHz,4M,1066MHz,775pin,65nm)

6 Core 2 Dual-(E6600) (2.40GHz,4M,1066MHz,775pin,65nm)

7 Core 2 Dual-(E6750) (2.660GHz,4M,1333MHz,775pin,65nm)

8 Core 2 Dual-(E7400) (2.793GHz,3M,1066MHz,775pin,45nm)

9 Core 2 Dual-(E7500) (2.93GHz,3M,1066MHz,775pin,45nm)

10 Core 2 Dual-(E8400) (3.0GHz,6M,1333MHz,775pin,45nm)






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