Price: US $ 1 - 150 / Bag
Brand Name: Elvish Sonny
Model Number: Elvish Sonny
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 24,2012

Product Description: High Quality Dry Dog Food

High Quality Dry Dog Food


Product Description:

The product shape for the square, colour and lustre is yellowish-brown 10KG/bag, and 15KG/box (500g/bag). This product to meet into, young, pregnant dogs, each balanced nutritional needs, all choose all kinds of high quality raw materials, specially steam sterilization maturation, steam drying and become, moisture below 8% below. Protein 100% source animal protein, can be high absorptivity. To ensure the nutrient content after repair technology, especially after the loss in production process nutrient elements.


Add high levels of DHA, ARA brain dog, improve gold combination, intelligence development dog smarter, stronger immunity. Add all kinds of amino acid that dog fur health beautiful. Various tocopherol content equilibrium improve pregnancy rate and litters of rates. The product is mainly suitable for rare pet dog, pregnancy dogs and kind of dogs

This product mainly by: DHA, ARA, the United States imported enrichment chicken powder, Peruvian import enrichment fishmeal, Australia imported meat and bone meal, high quality rice, high-quality corn, Japan imported all kinds of amino acids, Germany imports composite composed materials such as vitamins and minerals.

This product standards for my company the enterprise standard: Q / 3201 XT 02-2009

Nutrition composition index:(content of per kilogram)

indexmaintain foodgrowth,reproduction foodmoisture ≤100g  ≤100grough protein ≥200g ≥260grough fat ≥45g ≥75grough fiber ≤40g ≤30grough ash ≤90g ≤90gcalcium 7~10g 10~15gphosphorus 5~8g 8~12gcalcium:phosphorus 1.2:1~1.4:1 1.2:1~1.4:1 lysine  ≥7.1g  ≥11.1g methionine&cystine  ≥5.4g  ≥7.2g


Supplier Details:

Jiangsu Province Collaborative Pharmaceutical Bioengineering Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Sally Wang

Contact Phone:86-25-52805988

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