Far Infrared eye beauty salon equipment,eliminate pouch,dark circles,fatigue,puffiness,crow'

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Product Description: Far Infrared eye beauty salon equipment,eliminate pouch,dark circles,fatigue,puffiness,crow'








Far Infrared home eye beauty salon equipment

(Electronic eye mask)


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It suitable for :

1 Person who is reading or viewing the computer screen for long period of time and cause of eye fatigue

2 5 minutes a day can effectively ease the tension and fatigue around the eyes, better improve your blood circulation and eliminate the ache, pain,  insomnia by excessive usage of eye, smooth dark-pourches by unsmooth blood circulation, to enhance your metabolism which can reduce your wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity.

3 People who have wrinkle, eye bags and dark circles around the eyes or stay up all night constantly.


Product description:

 “Dual Power” iFeel-380 is utilizing the light-wave principle which enables the light-wave (8-14 Micron,far infrared) to generate the heat power which suitable for our eye skin, and the frequency of the light wave is similar to the human skin cell frequency which helps the best effect.



Reactivate eye skin cells; reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles around the eyes and eye bags under your eyes; eliminate pouch, dry, puffiness and vision protection.



The product could be used together with Collagen Eye Mask, as well as sequential use of A + B skin repair serums.

1. Clean your face with warm water before applying “A”-Vitamin C Serum (around eye area);

2. Gently put the collagen eye mask under your eyes;

3. Plug in the Eye beauty salon equipment, for eye  then adjust the suitable temperature;

4.Gently put on the electronic eye beauty salon equipment ,then lay down for about 30 minutes;

5. Put off and unplug the eye beauty salon equipment;

6. Remove the collagen eye mask after 3 minutes you put off the ecectronic eye beauty salon equipment, then apply "B"-Lotus Intensive Hydrating Serum(around eyes area).







Packing Description:

20 pieces/ carton, The size of carton : 57 x 52 x 53 cm, Gross weight / piece : 0.92kg

Net weight / piece : 380g




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