1/2/4 CH Real Time Mobile DVR / CCTV DVR For Vehicle Harsh Environment

Price: US $ 100 - 400 / Piece
Brand Name: GOOGEEE
Model Number: GVSD04A/B
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 24,2012

Product Description: 1/2/4 CH Real Time Mobile DVR / CCTV DVR For Vehicle Harsh Environment

1ch,2ch,4ch Vehicle Mobile DVR China Factory.


Application Harsh Environment Rugged DVR



Features and Benefits

Low cost(Professional DVR China Factory)
Specially designed for Vehicle Harsh Environment
Stability overrides all other considerations

Immediately playback(With inside a 2.5inch TFT LCD Monitor)

SD card (solid-state)storage medium: SD card has not the mechanical movement part; Welds closely; The data read-write is convenient; Very suit the Vehicle and motion change very much and vibration big demand application; No hard disk,super reliability and super shockproof; Recorded onto removable SD card; Up to 32GB recording capacity; ......Embedded Linux:No PC,no operating system,super system reliability ; Wide operating temperature range; Extremely compact design;Very simple installation;Metal Outer covering design;With lock design:prevent the artificial sabotage;Immediately playback(Own TFT Monitor) 


Technical Specification  Video InputComposite Video 4Vpp(1channel,2channel,3channel,4channel) Video OutputComposite Video 1Vpp For Live(option) 


External Power Supply 12V to 36V DC power supply



NTSC 720 x 480;PAL 720 x 576


Record Rate

30fps,25fps,20fps,15fps,10fps,5fps(easy set) 


Vedio Compression



Vedio Playback Mode

Computor or TV(Insert in read card device)


Recording Media(option)

1G,2G,4G,8G,16G,32G SD Card



2.5" inch TFT High-definition screen(inside) (option)


Work temperature

-20oC ---- +70oC


Storage temperature

-40oC ---- +80oC


Video quality

QVGA(320 x 240) ,VGA(640 x 480)


138mm x 100mm x 60MM

    Function detail
    SD card : Inserts and take out to read the card to be convenient,there are the better performance of quakeproof and against high temperature than digital Hard disk.SD card will become more and more cheap. SD Card Vehicle DVR will become a trend.Set Video recording mode : It can provide six kinds of vedeo recording.a)Fixed time video recording;b)24Hour video recording;c)Ignition video recording;d)Switch gate video recording;e)Close-down time delay video recording;f)Switch gate gap video recording.Automatic video recording : 16G SD card can store about 30 day recently video recording of passenger in-out at vehicle and other accident. Vehicle Black Box : Similar plane flight recorder,Video frequency can add the travel speed of Vehicle,and brake signal,Built-in time and date and Car license plate number stamp. Sound synchronized recording : External connection monitor microphone,the synchronizing of image and sound save in the SD card.Automatic reset : when instantaneous power or the other error is failure,the system program may the quick recovery video recording condition record the video to be not affected before error.Own TFT Monitor : When happend accident it can Immediately playback,have no use pull out SD card and insert PC or play device.

  Application for Harsh Environment:racing cartruck convoy management / motorcade management / fleet managementcamion / lorry / motor / lorry / truck / vanjeepfloat / shiptank car / cistern car / oil tanker / tank truck / tankerfire truck / fire engine / pumper ambulance / meat wagon / auxilium /breakdown van / emergency carelectric car / tramcar / trolley /trolley bus / tramcable car / funicular railwaymail cart / mail-cart / mail-coach / mail-trainchariot / tanktaxi / hack / kab / taxicab / cabpolice wagon / police car / paddy waggon / patrol wagonbeach wagon / estate car / station wagon / campercoal conveyor / coal transportationtractor / driving truck / tractorprowl car / scout car / squad car / cruise cartip lorry / car tipper / skip car / tilting cart / tipperbaggage carwrecker carlaw enforcement cardirt-wagon / dumpcart / dust cart / garbage truckcaravan / circus wagoncontainer car / container trucktrain / underground / subway / metrocoach / motor coach / carriage / passenger car / passenger busauto / autocar / automobile / bussess / car / motor / motorcarautobus / bus / buses / busses / motobus / omnibusmicrobus / minibusfreight caraccident video recorder / criminal action recorder / robbery surveillance / steal theft proof recorder / black box function  Lost Cost China Mobile DVR Factory
Specail Application for Vehicle Harsh Environment
1/2/4 CH Real Time Mobile DVR / CCTV DVR 

1ch,2ch,4ch Vehicle Mobile DVR China Factory.


Application Harsh Environment Rugged DVR


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