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Brand Name: Bamboo Sea
Model Number: BS-616
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 24,2012

Product Description: Bamboo Activated Carbon

Bamboo Sea Bamboo Activated Carbon

Our activated carbon products are derived from bamboo — assuring greater purity and superior performance through higher surface area and pore volume per gram than other raw material alternatives like wood. The consistent quality and renewable resource availability of our raw material are in increasing demand.BAMBOO SEA Specialty Chemicals is a leading supplier of  Activated Carbon — serving the water, beverage, food, sweetener, pharmaceutical, chemical, gas/air and environmental industries. Our wood-based carbons are used in the adsorption process to remove impurities from fluids and gases.   


A:Granular Activated Carbons

Bamboo Sea granular activated carbons are excellent for low-pressure drop, high-efficiency purification of liquids, gases and vapors in fixed bed applications. Uses include gasoline vapor recovery, water treatment, air purification, catalysis, and decolorization, deodorization and contaminent reduction of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage products.


B:Pelletized Activated Carbons

Bamboo Sea pelletized activated carbon provides lower pressure drop than granular actived carbon in fixed-bed purification of gases and vapors. Applications include gasoline vapor recovery for automotive applications, solvent recovery, air purification, odor control, catalysis and removal of corrosive gases.


C:Powdered Activated Carbons

Bamboo Sea powdered activated carbons have been used for more than 90 years to purify a wide variety of food, water and chemical products. Uses include municipal and point-of-use water treatment, catalysis, and decolorization, deodorization and contaminant reduction of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages.


Products Usage:


2.Acid/Corrosive Gas Removal

3.Odor Control

4.Organic Vapor Control

5.Catalysis/Catalyst Support

6.Gasoline Vapor Recovery

7.Air Purification

8.Solvent Recovery

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Bamboo Sea Carbon Industry(Fujian) Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Moses wei

Contact Phone:86-599-3327777

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Business type:Manufacturer


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