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heat and cooling facial skin home use beauty tool

Price: US $ 1 - 50 / Set
Brand Name: heat
Model Number: F-3001
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 23,2012

Product Description: heat and cooling facial skin home use beauty tool

heat and cooling facial skin home use beauty tool


1.To eliminate wrinkles and whitening the skin:

Environmental pollution and aging has slowed down significantly the metabolism of melanin, resulting in freckles and yellow color to remain in the skin surface. the heat and cooling beauty instrument through breaking the melanin, and eliminate the yellow color patches, leaving a beautiful white skin


2.water supplement and nutrition importing

Skin, loss of nutrition and resistance to the accelerated aging nutritional elements. cooling and heat Beauty instrument through the role of Pip to make nutrition and moisture easily be absorbed. Therefore, maintaining the living skin cells, fine and flexible.

3.Slim face and skin lifting

Wrinkles is due to collagen and elastic fiber loss. Cell-based principle of resonance, beauty equipment, which will stimulate fibroblast collagen production in dermal elastic fiber constant repair, and at the same time, break down unwanted fat cells in the face against gravity, in order to eliminate wrinkles, as well as ultra-thin face and Slim face and  refine the profile


Supplier Details:

Guangzhou Heat Electronic Factory

Sales:Mr. Heilon Shaw

Contact Phone:86-020-61907596

Main Products:Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

Business type:Manufacturer


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