YEZL H50 38-50W HID Flashlight 4500 lumen's xenon light

Price: US $ 500 - 500,000 / Carton
Brand Name: HID xenon light
Model Number: H50 38-50W
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 23,2012

Product Description: YEZL H50 38-50W HID Flashlight 4500 lumen's xenon light


Brand: YEZL

Model: H50


38/50W alternating current double power HID Flashlight Set Includes: flashlight (with strap), with 6600 mA battery, a car charger, a 220V charger (3A), aluminum packaging (part aluminum), no trace lens cleaning A cloth and a yellow filter.

Using yellow filter allows light into the 4000K yellow light, use outdoor.

HID (High intensity discharge) or named "high intensity discharge lamps", poured Xenon into the quartz tube by high-tech, then ballast will be 12 volts up to 23,000 volts through the precise moment, electronic in the xenon tube free, formed between the two electrodes formed a bunch of powerful, not only more light, but also illuminate wider, we call gas discharge, as produced by super xenon arc white light similar to the sunshine, BMW series are equipped with high-HID xenon lamp currently.

Packing Size: 42 * 20 * 11CM

Carton Weight: 2.68KG (including all accessories)



Bulb: 38W/50W dual power around 3000 hours life

Output power: 38W/50W dual power

Color Temperature: 6000K

Time: 70 minutes / 50W 100 minutes/ 38W

Battery: 12V 6600mA

Current: starting current 6-7A; 35W operating current of 4.5A, 38W Operating Current 3.5A


Lamp diameter: 88mm

Flashlight diameter: 46 mm

Length: 386 mm

Weight: 1400g

Operating temperature: -10 temperature~~85 temperature

Color: Black

Manufacturing Technology: aluminum alloy

Battery LED light tube continuous lighting time: 90 hours

Irradiation distance: 1,500 meters

Ballast: AC 250-400HZ

Brightness: 4500 lumens

The same power of HID lights, the brightness is about 3 times more tungsten halogen lamps.

HID flashlight brightness is the brightness of ordinary car headlights 3 times, radiation from the 1,000 meters.

10 m irradiation can be an instant of blinding eye (temporarily), be careful to use!

The flashlight uses large-capacity 6600 mA battery, it lasted 2 hours!

6 hours using the standard charger is full, charging indicator light is red, charge over light is become to green.

38/50W dual power output, long time following the flight,38W/100 minutes, 50W/70 minutes.

Shifting Methods: Press the button a second tail, the tail light is green, into 50W work; press two time, the tail light is blue, into 38W work, by three time, switch off the power.


Ballast output efficiency of 87%, low operating temperature.

Large battery capacity, battery standard 6600MA / H.


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