hydroponic UFO led grow light/greenhouse/gardening

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Product Description: hydroponic UFO led grow light/greenhouse/gardening


hydroponic UFO led grow light/greenhouse/gardening


The effects of light on plant photosynthesis is mainly photosynthesis. now here to provide the knowledge point for your reference. Quality of light, also known as the composition of light is different wavelength components of the solar spectrum, including wavelengths between 380 ~ 760nm light (ie red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple),which is the solar radiation spectrum ,known as the photosynthetic active radiation. In this context the light on the role of plant growth and development are not the same. That different plants require different light. Plant assimilation is the largest red light absorption, followed by yellow, and blue-violet light of the assimilation efficiency of only 14% of red light; red plant is not only conducive to the synthesis of carbohydrates, but also to accelerate the development of long-day plant; the contrary blue-violet light is to accelerate the development of short-day plants and to promote the synthesis of protein and organic acids; and short-wavelength blue-violet light and ultraviolet radiation can suppress the inter-node elongation, the promotion of multi-lateral branch and bud differentiation, and contribute to proanthocyanidin and vitamin synthesis. Therefore, the high mountains and high altitude areas has more UV, so a more rich alpine flower color, fruit color more beautiful, better quality.


 we have the expertise of scientists in the study of plants need different kind of light, so you only need to tell us what you want to plant cultivation, and then we will give you our best recommendations..


suitable for the greenhouse, home gardens,farm and other places which need sufficient lights for the plants


1  the manufactor of 90w/1300w/600w led light

2  good replacement to 400w to 600w HID grow light,enviroment-friendly,energy-saving,and long lifespan

3   promote the plant growth,budding, flowering

4   emit only the exact spectrums required for plant photosynthesis

5   3-year-warranty



1  working environment-20 ----40

2  storage condition   -40---83

3  limited voltage:AC110W/220V

4  input current:450MA

5  lumens:1980

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