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Product Description: Angel Beer active dry Yeast

Descriptions of "Angel" Beer Active Dry Yeast: 1. Angel active dry yeast, a kind of bio-product, is primarily used in beer fermentation and it can quickly restore to cells after rehydration; 2. Strong fermentation ability; 3. Wide adaptable temperature range; 4. Strong agglomeration ability; 5. Suitable for all kinds of beer brewing. Brewing Characteristics of "Angel" Beer Active Dry Yeast: 1. Yeast fermentation temperature: 8-20°C; 2. Fermentation degree: 60-66%; 3. Speed of lowering the sugar degree:   (1) 12°C, 7 days, 9.8Bx-4.0Bx;   (2) 15°C, 4 days, 9.8Bx-4.0Bx;   (3) 20°C, 1 day, 9.8Bx-4.5Bx; 4. Strong diacetyl reduction capability, so resulting beers are tastier. Usage of "Angel" Beer Active Dry Yeast: 1. Rehydration activation: (1) Dissolve our yeast in beer wort (the wort should satisfy the following conditions: sugar degree: 5-6Bx; temperature: 30-32°C; volume: 5-10 times of the volume of dry yeast;); (2) 1.5-2 hours later, put the wort mixture into fermentation vessel. 2. Used in beer houses: (1) When the fermentation starting temperature is above 15°C, the recommended dosage of dry yeast is 0.03%; and generally in 36-48 hours, when the sugar degree reduced to 4.5Bx, pressure keeping should begin. Note: When the temperature is 15°C, Angel beer active dry yeast can directly used for beer fermentation without rehydration activation. (2) When the fermentation starting temperature is 11°C, the dosage of dry yeast is 0.04%; and pressure keeping usually start in 48-72 hours. (3) When the fermentation starting temperature is 8-9°C, the dosage of dry yeast is 0.05%; and the sugar degree can be reduced to 4.5Bx in 5-7 days. 3. Used in brewery: beer yeast spread cultivation is adopted (1) The beer yeast spread cultivation should begin from 25°C; and then the temperature should be lowered gradually (generation by generation) to maintain beer yeasts' productive trait. (2) The ideal spread cultivation rate is 1: 5 with an inoculation concentration of 1.0×107--1.5×107 cells/ml. (3) During production period, the ideal inoculation concentration of canful yeast is 1.0×107-1.2×107 cells/ml; and the second to the fourth generation beer yeast is the beat choice for beer fermentation. (4) Yeast recovery: Low temperature (about 0°C) recovery of medium layer beer yeast is the best. These yeasts have lower mortality and stronger vitality. (Note that the storage time should be no more than 3 days.) Specifications of "Angel" Beer Active Dry Yeast: 1. Quality Index: ItemIndexAppearanceMilky white; rod-like small particlesMoisture≤6% Total yeast cells≥200Total As≤2.0 mg/kgPb≤2.0 mg/kgPathogensNegative2. Packaging: (1) Packing: Vacuum foil wrapping; (2) Specification: 500g/bag, 20 bags/carton; 3. Shelf life: 12 months in dry and cool places;

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