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Health Food/Vitamin C+E Tablets

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Brand Name: H-Nutrition or OEM
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Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jun 19,2011

Product Description: Health Food/Vitamin C+E Tablets

Natural Vitamin C+E Tablet  Vitamin C+ E  :Strengthen immunity, prevent common cold and allay tiredness; improve blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases; anti-inflammation and accelerate wound healing; improve gingival bleeding and other poor peripheral circulation syndrome; improve metabolism, prevent aging of physical function and delay aging; prevent melanin formation and recover fine and tender skin.  Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is an important nutrient, which must be obtained from the diet or by supplementation, as it cannot be synthesized by the human body. Major dietary sources of vitamin C are green vegetables and fruit. Vitamin C is one of the most labile dietary nutrients, being easily destroyed by cooking or food processing. Levels of vitamin C are reduced by smoking, drinking alcohol, as well as by certain drugs (e.g. anticoagulants, antidepressants, oral contraceptives). Deficiency of vitamin C results in scurvy. Vitamin E is a fat -soluble vitamin mainly obtained from plant sources, such as unrefined vegetable oils, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, as well as from liver and eggs. Since many of the best dietary sources of vitamin E are foods associated with a high fat content, individuals on low fat diets are recommended to obtain their vitamin E requirement via dietary supplements. Vitamin E (natural or synthetic) can occur in different chemical forms (principally alpha-, beta-, delta- and gamma tocopherols), which have different biological activity; the most effective form of vitamin E utilized by the human body is d-alpha-tocopherol.  Product Features1. A kind of health food consisting of natural Vitamin E and Vitamin C extracted from natural vegetables, fruits and plants in scientific ways.2. Vitamin C can act in synergy with Vitamin E to achieve a more comprehensive effect.3. With reasonable content of Vitamin E and C and suitable for long-term health care.  Nutritional Effects1. Resist oxidation, maintain the beauty, delay skin aging, whiten the skin and remove spots.2. Promote blood circulation and metabolism.3. Improve immunity, prevent colds and help wound healing.4. Detoxify bodies and reduce harms from smoking, drinking, medicine and environmental pollution.5. Promote absorption of iron and prevent anemia. Suitable for1. People aged 4 or above and requiring Vitamin C and E supplements.2. People requiring maintaining their beauty and delaying senility.3. People with facial blemishes.4. People with poor immunity and prone to colds or oral ulcers.5. People smoking for long time.

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