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Single Phase Static Energy Meter ( Electric Meter, Prepaid Meter )

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Brand Name: Wellsun
Model Number: DDF-18S series
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 22,2012

Product Description: Single Phase Static Energy Meter ( Electric Meter, Prepaid Meter )

1) Uses AD special measuring chips
2) High measuring accuracy
3) High overloading multiples
4) Able to record electrical voltage of a period of 12 months
5) Capable of measuring absolute values of positive and negative directions
6) Capable of setting manifold rates and eight periods of time for each day
7) The current running rate is indicated by a luminous tube
8) Double-rowed LCD display
9) Double watches are employed
10) Capable of recording the time and basic degree for the last programming
as well as the ID number of the palm meter
11) Equipped with infrared communication interfaces, capable of extending to
485 ports and multifunctional exporting ports
12) Power-cut copying (power-cut displaying)
13) DDF-18S series of single-phase static multi-rate electric energy meters are
measuring instruments which use special integrate circuits and adopt SCM
technology. The technical indices are in accordance with state standards like
GB/T17215 and GB/T15284. They are featured by small startup current, high
overloading capacity and high clock accuracy
14) Extreme operation temperature: -10°C to 60°C
15) Demand accounting tariff: four demand accounting tariff, four time zones
16) 220V, 5 (20) A, 5 (30) A, 10 (40 )A
17) Power consumption: <0.7W
18) Dimensions: 167 x 122 x 72mm

Supplier Details:

Zhejiang Wellsun Electric Meter Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Hua Zhou

Contact Phone:86-21-63830833

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