13 pcs/set stainless steel cookware w/thermal control knob

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Brand Name: XINM
Model Number: XM-2013WL
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 22,2012

Product Description: 13 pcs/set stainless steel cookware w/thermal control knob

13pcs/stainless steel cookware set ,included,

(1 sauce pan +1 steamer+ 3 casswroles+ 2 frying pans)

steamer                 dia 24*6cm

sauce pan w/lid    dia 16*H9.5cm

casserole w/lid     dia 16*H9.5cm

casserole w/lid     dia 18*H10.5cm

casserole w/lid     dia 24*H13.5cm

frying pan w/lid      dia 24*H6cm

frying pan w/lid      dia 24*H6cm



- Comes gift boxed

- Suited with induction cook

- Anti-rust SUS 202 / 304 material ,

- Mirror finish outside and satin finish inside

- Waterless cookware with durability and contamination prevention

- Unique thermometer built into the lid helps regulate cooking temperature

- indurative bottom capsulated with 3mm AL.+ 2mm iron+ 0.5mm induction base



 How to Care for Nonstick Cookware,

 -Cool down. After using your nonstick cookware, especially anodized nonstick cookware, allow it to cool completely before washing it. This will prevent you from ruining the coating and warping nonstick skillets and pans.


-Use some elbow grease. Once they are cool, submerge your nonstick pots and pans in hot, soapy water and use a sponge and dish soap to clean them.


-Scrub baked-on food carefully. If stubborn particles won't come off, switch the sponge for a plastic mesh scrubber and try scrubbing nonstick pans with baking soda. Make sure you get your nonstick cookware completely clean. Anything left on could get baked into the nonstick pot during the next use, causing food to stick in the future and ruining your cookware.


-Rinse your pans clean. Use a hand towel to ensure that each piece in your nonstick cookware set is completely dry so it won't dry with water spots or stick to other dishes in your cupboard.


-Be cautious when storing your cookware. Store your nonstick skillets and other pots and pans with similar items and make sure they aren't leaning on each other. Even the best nonstick cookware can be scratched and have its nonstick finish damaged. You may want to purchase a hanging pot rack for safely storing your best nonstick cookware.









Supplier Details:

Xinmei Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Kumar Zeng

Contact Phone:86-766-2955333

Main Products:Cookware Sets

Business type:Manufacturer


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