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Post Date: Jun 18,2011

Product Description: Spray drier for herbal extract

As a main product of our company, spray drier is popular used for liquid drying. Spray drying plant is a kind of centrifugal or pressurized atomizer ,which atomizes liquid materials such as solution, suspensions, emulsion or paste into tiny droplet (surface area increased) and dry them into powder product at once(several seconds) by contacting with hot airAir is transferred into hot air by passing through the heater, and goes into the hot air separator on the top of the dryer, then goes into the drying room evenly. As the same time, liquid materials are sent to the centrifugal atomizer on the top of the dryer by the screw pump with stepless speed regulation, and atomized into tiny droplets which will contact hot air, then dried into dry product within short time. The finished product will be discharged by the whirlwind separator on the bottom of the drying tower and waste air is exhausted by air fan.The spray drying speed is very fast, liquid material after atomizing will increase its surface area largely and can be evaporated its moisture 65-98% instantly in the hot air flow so as to finish drying within 5 to 15 seconds. It is specially suitable for drying of heat sensitive material. The dried product have even granule , good flowability and solubility , high purity and good qualityBut herbal extracts refines from root, stem and leaves of plants, and contains high sugar especially from alcoholization process, which is easy melted at high temperature . Normal centrifugal spraying cannot meet its drying requirement. For this reasons and countless tests on the basis of our experiences to make spraying dryer and collect advantages of same kind of dryers from both domestic and abroad.       The diameter and height of the tower gave been modified to ensure that powder cannot reach at the wall of the tower before drying , and ensure that powder will have dwelling time in hot air to complete low temperature drying. The wall of the tower has sandwich cooling device to ensure liquid cone body which has large taper and can pulsate the tube by compressed air to shake down powder which is stuck on the tube.       All contact place inside the dryer have plain or round surface , and is ground and polished(fine polish over 10) to avoid sand hole and dead angle etc. The contact surface is made of stainless steel to ensure materials free of pollution. The driving parts have good sealing to prevent water and oil. Materials discharge is done by sealed butterfly valve to avoid air leaking .Three stage air filter are used on air pretreatment system and air can be purified up to 100 thousand level.spray drier

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