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FBM-3048CTE Total Online Battery Discharge Security Energy-saving Maintenance System(battery tester)

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Brand Name: Fuguang
Model Number: FBM-3048CTE
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 21,2012

Product Description: FBM-3048CTE Total Online Battery Discharge Security Energy-saving Maintenance System(battery tester)

Total on-line discharge technology definition

    The total on-line discharge technology definition, means the been test battery group raise the on-line power supply voltage through the on-line concatenated total on-line battery tester &discharge equipment, and control the output by auto-steady-flow or constant-power, have the tested battery group supply the power to on-line load equipment, so that complete the tested battery group steady flow discharge test or constant-power discharge test, reach to a security, energy-saving maintenance.


FBM-CTE system function

1.Include the on-line discharge and charge system(-48V) and batter group unit test system (wireless Bluetooth technology)

2.High security. During the test, the tested battery group can still supply the power on communication equipment normally.

3.The system output protective function is by the way of voltage-stabilizing and current-limiting, or current-stabilizing and voltage-limiting control, and auto-close down when output overcurrent and overvoltgae. 

4.The unit battery on-line test adopts wireless Bluetooth technology, make the maintenance more convenient, and advance the operation security.

5.All the parameter can be set up by the touching LCD screen and control button, meanwhile all data can display on the screen of the instrument directly, no need to bring another PC

6.The system can work by another AC back up power supply, for looking up, and reading, and copying the test data.

7. On-line (-48V) battery group discharge and charge capacity test system.

7.1When enter the discharge program, it can real time test and display battery group voltage, current and real time curve, also can real time test and display the system on-line voltage, and can real time display the battery discharge capacity by digital presentation and progress chart, of course can real time display each unit voltage and bar chart.

7.2The system can auto-storage the real time data, and auto-transfer into charge program after discharge.

7.3When enter the charge program, the system can run the following by itself: the real time test and display battery group charge voltage, charge current and real time cover, real time test system present on-line voltage, auto-test and cut-down the voltage difference between the battery group.

7.4The commercial power interruption prevention program is on the auto-activation station during the discharge, stop discharge at once if the commercial power happen to interrupt, and ensure the group and the system are on the connection station, can prepare to continue the work whenever the commercial power recovery.

7.5Double overvoltage protective function, when total voltage value is higher the on-line voltage-limiting protective value, the system will restart, then enter the overvoltage protective station.

7.6Automatically generate the on-line test report, can be read, copy, and delete the data stored in the instrument whenever you want, and also can be transferred by USB for background analysis software to analysis.



FBM-CTE Specifications:


Suitable battery

48V system

UPS system




Hardware performance index

Input voltage range



Normal current range continuous adjustable constant



Output constant current accuracy


Input voltage test accuracy


Output voltage test accuracy


Input current test accuracy


Wireless voltage test accuracy


Output efficiency


Power supply


Operation system

AC or DC (both)


Touching LCD screen and control button

LDC inch

5.7 inch

Communication interface unit

1 PCS USB interface, 1 PCSRS 232 interface

































Main Machine

Included a metal trunk, AC power cord,


Wireless Monitoring module

Included a metal suitcase


100A Outside Current Cramp

Current range: 0-100A


200A Outside Current Cramp

Current range: 0-200A


300A Outside Current Cramp

Current range: 0-600A


Analyze Software

English version

NOTE:  1. Each assessory is available separately

            2. The number of wireless monitoring modules you need base on the quantity batteries

                 of battery packs you want to discharge. 1 module for 4 batteries monitoring

Supplier Details:

Fuzhou Fuguang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Yi Lin

Contact Phone:86-591-13960908326

Main Products:Battery Testers

Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler


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