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cold medicine and fever

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Brand Name: Hezhi Brand
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Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jun 18,2011

Product Description: cold medicine and fever

1.Heat dispelling and detoxicating2.used for the fever marked with red face,irritability and thirsty,sore and painful throat,flu,upper respiratory ract infection syndrome caused by excessive heat toxicity.   Ingredient: Schizonepeta spike, Peppermint, Chinese Thorowax Root, Perilla Leaf, Kudzuvine Root, Platycodon Root, Bitter Apricot Seed, Dahurian Angelica Root, Bunge Corydails Herb, Reed Root, Adjuvant materials: cane sugar, dextrin. Description: Brown-yellow granules with sweet and mildly bitter taste. Function:Dispelling wind and Cold, Relieving heat and exterior syndrome.Used for the treatment of wind-chill cold, headache and fever, chill caused body pain, clear nasal discharge, cough and dry throat. Product Specification: 12g/bag Usage and Dosage: Taken orally with boiled water  1 bag a time and 2 times daily. Precaution: Smoke, liquor, hot and spicy, cold and greasy food are not allowed. Package: Aluminum-plastic composite film package. 12g*10bags      

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Tianjin Hezhi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Frank Liu

Contact Phone:86-022-82195774

Main Products:Healthcare Supplement

Business type:Manufacturer


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