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Anion Powder,health

Price: US $1 - 2 / Kilogram
Brand Name: Huzheng
Model Number: RT-P20000
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jun 18,2011

Product Description: Anion Powder,health

Product Introduction Heat-sensitive and pressure-sensitive, and the release of negative ionsThis product is prepared through the nano-coated by special processing. Highly heat-sensitive and pressure-sensitive, ultra-fine particle size, large anion release. Powders at roomtemperature for anion release 20000-30000 pcs/ cm3, with the negative ion powder processing yarns and fabrics anion release more than 7000 pcs/ cm3, nano-anion dispersion by adding0.5-1% to water or various solvents, release negative ions is greater than 3000 pcs/ cm3. Generally speaking, the person per day required about 13 billion negative ions, and our room, offices, can only provide about 2000000000 anions, such a huge contrast between the supply and demand, often easily lead to pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.The product of the raw materials on human health is a very useful and far-infrared radiation material, suitable for the body to absorb the best of the far-infrared wavelength of 9.6μm,while the mineral crystal anion far infrared radiation in the wavelength range of 2-18μm, and radiated power density is 0.04W/cm2 slightly higher launch, the above data can be fullyconfirmed that the anion of mineral crystals in the far infrared radiation was well coordinatedwith the human body  can be fully absorbed by the body. Product Features  IndexPerformanceAppearanceLight-gray powderConcentration≥99.9%Particle diameter 1umDensity1.9±0.2g/mlRelease amount≥20000 pcs/cm3Major ingredientTourmaline The chemical composition of Anion powder CompositionSiO2B2O3Al2O3Fe2O3MnOMgOCaOContent40.028.329.231.481.202.020.16CompositioNa2OLi2ORb2OZrOH2O+TiO2othersContent1.900.850.0230.384.300.02      On Nervous system:Sedative effect, it can improve the cerebral cortex, to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep,enhance appetite, excitement parasympathetic system, improve job efficiency.On Respiratory system:To improve lung function, accelerate the respiratory tract fiber wool sports organizations, increase the respiratory coefficient (the absorption of oxygen was increased by 20%, CO2 emission increased 14.5%), tracheal epithelial cilia strengthening exercise, and increase gland secretion.To promote Nasal epithelial cells regeneration and restore function of mucous secretion.On Metabolism system:To impact organisms carbohydrates, protein, fat metabolism and water and electrolytemetabolismInhalation of negative ions, which reduces blood sugar and cholesterol, potassium and other content, increase in urine volume and urine nitrogen, creatinine excretion, etc.;On Circulatory system:Negative ions in air have the therapeutic effect to lower blood pressure, improve cardiac function and myocardial malnutrition, increase blood content of hemoglobin, lowering blood glucose,so that higher PH value, shortening coagulation time, stimulate the body of the hematopoietic function. It was used in the treatment of simple aero anion Peripheral Leukopenia andradiotherapy induced neutropenia.Treatment of health:The treatment of respiratory diseases, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema, etc. have a certain effect.On Immune system:To improve the body function, strengthen the body resistance to disease.Air Purifier:Can effectively eliminate dust and odor, remove the decoration toxic gases, improveenvironment quality. Application  Various anions coatings, anion plastic master batch, and function fiberCeramics, textiles, paper, wood and other various anion ProductsHealth ProductsHealthcare industriesUsage  To add at amount of 0.5-1% to use. Product Specification 1/2/20kg

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Shanghai Huzheng Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

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