galvanized sheet metal roofing with different profiles and styles

Price: US $ 800 - 1,000 / Metric Ton
Brand Name: Lantian steel
Model Number: LT-001
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 21,2012

Product Description: galvanized sheet metal roofing with different profiles and styles


Corrugation today

Today the corrugation process is carried out using the process of "Roll Forming". This modern process is highly automated to achieve high productivity and low costs associated with labour. In the corrugation process sheet metal is pulled off huge rolls and through rolling dies that form the corrugation. After the sheet metal passes through the rollers it is automatically sheared off at a desired length. The standard shape of corrugated material is the round wavy style, but can be easily modified to a variety of shapes and sizes by simply changing the dies .


Galvanized Steel Roof Sheets with Color Coating


width before corrugation:1000mm wide
after corrugation width:750mm,820mm.840mm.850mm.900mm.


zinc 40g-120g,


back5-7mic,Ral colors with common red,blue,white 
usage:roof panel,wall panel,warehouse,construction buildings...


Many different types of coatings are used on metal panels: anti-rust, waterproofing, heat reflective. They are made of various materials such as epoxy, ceramic and, more recently, materials developed through nanotechnology.

Metal sheet roofs are very affordable, durable, and quick to install, which makes their use extremely popular in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings.


Rusted corrugated steel roof

Although galvanising inhibits corrosion of the underlying steel, rusting will be inevitable, especially if the local rainfall is at all acidic in nature. So for example, corrugated iron sheet roofing will start to degrade within a few years despite the protective action of the zinc coating in corroding preferentially. Other environments which lower the lifetime of galvanised iron roofs and similar products includes marine locations, where the high electrical conductivity of sea water will encourage and increase the rate of attack. Nevertheless, corrugated steel roofs can last for many years if further protected by a paint layer.


Light WeightPortabilityDurability. The lowest end metal roofing will last 20 to 30 years, which is roughly twice the lifespan of an average asphalt roof. Most metal roofing products today come with warranties from 25 to 50 years.Fire and spark resistant.Hail resistant.Wind resistant.Snow shedding: Painted metal roofs are usually snow-shedding. Snow can usually collect when it is fresh and lighter weight. As soon as the ambient temperature rises a few degrees, the snow usually just slides off. For this reason metal roofing is ideal for homes in high latitude or mountain regions.Metal is readily recyclable. Most metals can be recycled over and over without losing any valuable properties. Recycling is very efficient. Design flexibility: Some steel roofing products can be installed over open framing, or on a solid substrate. Large sprung curves.Rolled bull-nose shapes.Energy efficiency. Coatings with high reflectivity like Kynar with "cool roof" pigments commonly save 20-30% on air-conditioning costs due to reflecting away much of the sun's heat. Increases the thermal efficiency of buildings in high temperature areas with its cool-roof paints and high emissivity.Labor efficientMost metal roofing products require very little or no maintenance.Metal roof sheets can be used equally well in cladding the sides of a buildings. Often the same TR-36 profile in two colours will be used to do both roof and sides of a building.


The material used in metal roofing is versatile and durable. It can be used on residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural buildings. The same material used for metal roofs can be used for siding. There are many different profiles and styles available to fit most every building situation.One may combine shapes for aesthetic impact. Using the same material and same color with different shapes can have an impact on "curb appeal" and building value. Alternatively, different metals can be used to create interesting colour combinations.

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