wood carving cnc router /wood engraving machine of cnc router/multi-head wood cnc router machine

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Brand Name: CM
Model Number: CM-C1325
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Post Date: Mar 21,2012

Product Description: wood carving cnc router /wood engraving machine of cnc router/multi-head wood cnc router machine

1.multi-head wood cnc router machine
2.wood carving cnc router
3.wood engraving machine of cnc router



5.samplesfreeCM-C1325 Woodworking Series CNC Router (CNC woodworking machine,CNC wood router,woodworking machine)





XY working travel 


Z working travel 


Table size


The maximum speed  


Type of clamp

Vacuum table


DSP 100MHz



Engrave command   

G Code*.u00*. mmg*. plt

Surrounding software run


Power( not include the spindle)


Working voltage   

AC 380V/50Hz

Power of spindle     

Chinese 4.5KWItaly aircooling

spindle rotary speed 


Working type   

Stepper servo

Performance feature:

1.        The lathe bed is wholly cast with iron can assure high stability not easy deformation, can process the material on the table randomly.

2.      Adopt the imported linear guide rail, ball bearing piece, can bear high weight , run stability high precision long life .

3.      Ball screw rod imported from Germany can assure the high speed and precision.  

4.      Intelligent protection for working table can avoid the damaging the table owning to the wrong operation or software fault. Its protection of step beyond the boundary avoids the crash while design area beyond processing area.

5.      Advanced DSP controller can control automatically the muli-layer 3D processing with high speed. It also can be operate offline.

6.      The software compatibility is well, it is compatible with T ype 3 /artcarm / castmate /Artcut, and CAD/CAM design software.

 The woodwork applicable scope: The stereoscopic wave board is processed, the cupboard door, real wooden door, wooden door of craft, avoiding painting the door, screen, craft fan window are processed, the shoes machine of the sassafras, cabinet and panel of the game machine, mahjong table, assisting processing the advertising trade of computer desk and furniture products of modes in Chinese operatic music:

Advertising industry the identification is made, keep one gram of strength and cut, suck and mould and make the making of the mould, ornamental products of many kinds of materials advertisements.


Mould trade: Can carve metal moulds such as the copper, aluminium, iron,etc., and artificial marble, nonmetal moulds such as Sha Shi, plastic board, PVC pipe, plank,etc..


Other trades: Can carve various shadow carving, relief, apply to craft gift trade extensively.


1 Adopts the Italian famous brand (HSD) high-power wind to cool the precision of the main shaft high automatically, longe-lived, operate steadily, and it is of good performance to start, the moment is great, can give full play to the advantage of this machine high speed, efficiency is higher. Dispose unique changing cutter organizations, can gain the necessary cutter at will, special-purpose to one of platforms, cutter size error of very accurate compensation. It only needs 10 seconds to change.  storehouses marks and contains 8 cutters, we also can customize one storehouses of larger capacity.

2Unique tool changer may be required for free in exchange for tools, dedicated to the knife Units can be accurate tool length compensation error. Tool change time takes only 10 seconds, 8 knives standard library can be customized knife Treasury greater capacity.

3Thickening of the structure of the overall bed side tube body, science of welding, the overall shape.

4Imported linear guide linear square, double-row ball four slider, loading capacity of large, smooth operation and high precision, high-strength rail to ensure the quality of mechanical precision and wear resistance, high service life of more than 10 radio guide times. Imported high precision ball screws, precision under the knife.

5Completely out of the computer can be remotely operated by USB interface type DSP operating system, handle operation, operation is simpler and more user-friendly design, smart use of unique budget laws, and give full play to the electrical potential and achieve high-speed processing, linear synchronous Qu, curve more perfect, computer memory and can not account for implementation of the automatic cutting spindle cease.

6Better software compatibility, compatible type3/Artcam/Castmate / Wentai such as CAD / CAM design software.

7Table for the world's leading vacuum adsorption countertops, wood materials for the electricity and high adsorption power can be strong adsorption of the materials of different sizes, density and shape.

8Vacuum pump can select the import of oil-free vacuum pump brand, performance stability, low temperature, noise and environment-friendly, long service life, easy maintenance; an effective solution to the cold weather problems for the water pump adding water.

9Smart protection of the table: to prevent the misoperation or software errors may cause damage to the table, intelligent processing cross-border protection, to prevent the collision situation made by the design of the layout format for more than processing machinery 

10Automatic oil lubrication system, the implementation of one button operation, easy to use, and better machine maintenance.

11With a knife folder precise location and adjust automatically to the knife system that allows you to operate under the knife more convenient for simple and directly enhance the production efficiency.

12Independent control cabinet control system, more convenient operation.







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