Car parking system, automatic parking system

Price: RMB 24,000 - 24,500 / Set
Brand Name: Jinguan
Model Number: PSH
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jun 18,2011

Product Description: Car parking system, automatic parking system

Car parking system,automatic parking systemOperational principle:Lifting and transferring to four, for example, parking lot storage, the open operating the device panel and select the appropriate empty pallet. For example, option 2 Layer 2 parking spaces, enter: 202 press the "OK" button, the panel will be prompted for a password: Enter the 4 digit password  (If no password then press the "OK" button),and empty pallet will fall to the ground plate(Two, three, four layer), the driver drove into the empty pallet , and stopped at the appropriate position, to complete the process of parking lot storage. Ground floor of the parking lot is the drivers directly into the empty pallet to open, parked in the right place, that parking lot over. Take action and car outbound incoming instead, open the operator panel and select the empty platen, the press need to remove the vehicle numbers where the number of parking spaces, and then click "OK" button, the panel will be prompted for a password: Enter 4 Password, (If no password then press the "OK" button) the car fell to the ground station board, the driver drive the truck out of storage.The first floor garage level of the platen can be used as lateral movement, both the middle layer pallet moves vertically, but also for the level of lateral movement, the top platen can be used for vertical movement. Now with four layers nine parking, as the basic unit (figure 4.1 shown), introduces the work principle. Summary  With the development of economic and the car industry, it becomes a universal problem to difficult parking. Parking System Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Jin Guan body following the market demand, Launches Golden Delicious parking equipment brand, researches and develops of various types of parking equipment, primarily for the parking of large, medium and small cars and small vans.The garage is the lifting and transferring (rope or chain) parking facilities, the use of steel frame structure. Equipment, compact structure, nice shape. JB/T8910 standard products according to relevant provisions of organization which, according to GB17907 standards, set the appropriate security devices to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment. 

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