GSM and Landline Auto Switch Home Alarm System

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Brand Name: HC/Nuetral/OEM
Model Number: HC-G2159
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Post Date: Jun 18,2011

Product Description: GSM and Landline Auto Switch Home Alarm System

GSM and Landline Auto Switch Home Alarm SystemStandard package:LCD gsm home alarm system control panel1pcMorion detector1pcDoor sensor1pcRemote control2pcPower adaptor1pcUser manual1pcGSM home alarm system Functions: All operation process with voice prompt. 1.Both GSM and landline are available, full compliance with ADEMCO contact ID, could send ADEMCO through GSM or telephone line... 2. Could set the sequencing of GSM dialing and local calls; The sequencing of the short messages and the GSM dialing, or choose whether use the message and GSM dialing, 3. The operation is very easy: Set the dialing number or revise the number on the keyboard of the panel, edit the content of the message in the mobile phone, and insert the GSM card to the panel. 4. 8 defense zone, exclusive zone 0 for key fob, each zone programmable 5. 7-wire connection to any zone 6. Zone type inquiring and programming at random (Zone type: Watchdog zone, exit/entry delay, 24 hours zone, sounder/silent when alarming, armed/part armed zone, sensor/no sensor in the zone) 7.Three attributes are programmable for each detector, one attribute is programmable for each Key Fob Detector: 1 In the disarmed mode: Sounder when alarming once triggered: In the armed mode: Dial the C. S. Number or users number 2 Doorbell function: Detector will be Door Bell when disarmed 3 Low voltage display: Panel can receive the detector low voltage signal and display zone number and detector number on the LCD and sound a beep Key Fob: Key Fob Request assistance with no sounder 1,The Key Fob and detector logging in, without the need for coding (user can add and reduce detectors freely, easy maintenance) 2,Multimode arming methods: Away arming, Part arming, 24 hour arming, and every zone could be separately armed/disarmed) 3,85 event log about arming, disarming, and alarming (with time and date stamp), viewable directly on the panel LCD 4,Built in TIMER IC, time precise and needs not adjusting even after power failure 5,When alarming, the C. S operator or the user could listen in, speak, or start the siren from a remote place 6, 6 time points of timed Auto-Arming, 6 time points of timed Auto-disarming (24 hour mode) 7, Panel can receive the detector low voltage signal and display zone number and detector number on the LCD and sound a beep 8,Line sensing and Alarm priority: Panel automatically check the line and alarm even when it is engaged or cut. 9,Each detector could be set to Door Bell, when it is triggered, the panel sound a ding-dong 10,Remotely arming/disarming, listen in, speak to the occupants 11,Entry/Exit delay, voice prompt both when arming and being triggered 12,Mains Fail alarm. The panel will alarm when mains power fails 13,Siren could be set to sound when away arming 14,One touch feature: There are emergency button, medical help and fire button on the keypad 15,Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery, auto charge/discharge 16,Wireless signal transmitting test 17,Engineer Option. Listen to the dial tone of DTMF Voice message Outstanding features: 1. Fully compatible with ADEMCO Contact ID format (Landline)2.85 event log about arming, disarming, and alarming. When alarming, the time, zone number and detector number could be viewable on the LCD 3. Each zone programmable, e. G. Zone type programmable, you can select one zone silent when alarming, select one key fob silent when requiring assistance, set one zone a 24 hour zone, a zone Entry/Exit delay, etc. 4. Each detector could be set to sounder when triggered, while not transmit the signal to C. S. The doorbell function could be enabled to any detector. 5 Panel can receive the detector low voltage signal and display on the LCD and emits a beep to indicate user to replace detector's battery in time.  Our main production: Home security alarm, alarm system, burglar alarm, intruder alarm, intrusion alarm, wireless alarm, wire alarm, home alarm, solar alarm, MMS alarm, auto alarm, Alarm manufacturer, fire alarm, landline alarm, China alarm,central monitor system, detector, siren, sensor, smoke detector, gas detector, Heater sensor, temperature sensor, Pet PIR motion detector, valve, water sensor, remote control, vibration sensor, shutter sensor, magnetic contact, outdoor PIR, outdoor siren, solar siren, Emergency break glass, car alarm, handfree mini DVR, 3G CAMERA,Pen DVR, record pen, Mini DVR,DVR card, DVR GSM SD MMS,chewing gum DVR, hidden watch camera,GSM alarm, CCTV alarm, camera, safety product, IP camera, alarm receiving centre monitor station, GSM car alarm, MMS GSM alarm, GPS tracker,GPRS, (Ademco alarm, DSC alarm, Honeywell alarm ADT alarm), CCTV camera,wire camera,wireless camera,vedio camera,dome camera,IR camera,speed camera,box camera,CCD camera, FSK module, Superheterodyne module,Decoding Amplitude,Superregeneration module, Frequency modulation,OEM,ODM welcome.

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