carbonated water filling machine

Price: US $ 1 / Unit
Brand Name: Sevenstars
Model Number: carbonated water filling machine
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 20,2012

Product Description: carbonated water filling machine

carbonated water filling machine
1) Compact structure, good shape, easy operation, high automation degree and low labor intensity.
2) Adopts the technology of direct contact air conveyor and bottle inlet poking wheel, instead of " Feeding screw" And " Conveyor" ; Thus making it is easy to change the bottle shape.
3) Adopts bottle neck clamping technology which removes the need for changing the height of the bottle; Just change the parts which are relevant to the bottle diameter, such as the arc guide plate and poking wheel.
4) Special stainless steel bottle gripper of rinser does not touch the bottle screw part, thereby avoiding secondary contamination.
5) All parts directly contacting the media adopt food stage stainless steel, without dead angles, so they can be cleaned easily.
6) Diaphragm adjustment valve controls the inlet flow rate of liquids, and can keep the slight turbulence of liquids level in the solution barrel and ensure accuracy in filling.
7) Automatically closes feeding valve if there is no bottle on the machine, thus avoiding the loss of aqueous feed.
8) Fills automatically with high speed and accurate control of liquid level.
9) High filling speed and mass flow rate, high precision of filling valve and control of liquids level is accurate and without loss.
10) Equipped with perfect CIP control loop and program and cleaning devices on the spot.
11) The " Capping head" Adopts a magnetic constant-torque device to ensure high capping quality without damage.
12) Adopts efficient cap settling system with perfect cap feeding and protection device.
13) Adopts spiral descent fashion for the support plate for bottom of bottle at the outlet thumb wheel, which removes the need for adjusting the input height for exchanging bottle models.
14) Equipped with perfect protection system to prevent overload, and protect facilities and operators efficiently.
15) Applying touch screen, it fully realizes the man-machine conversation whereas the status of device running is clear at a glance.
16) The primary electric components such as touch screen, PLC and transducer all adoptwell known import products.
17) These air control components all adopt SMC products made in Japan
carbonated water filling machine

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