Vicot Solar Air Conditioning solar air conditioner

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Brand Name: Vicot Solar Air Conditioning
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Post Date: Jun 17,2011

Product Description: Vicot Solar Air Conditioning solar air conditioner

Vicot Solar Air Conditioning solar air conditioner 1.Extraordinary technology achieves exceptional performance Vicot solar air conditioning — a Chinese-American joint development. Three years of collaboration and technology transfer have led to remarkable achievements in solar energy, science and technology, yielding conversion efficiencies for heating and cooling of up to 85%, solar concentrations 27 times higher than ordinary flat plate collectors for water heating. This solar energy technology will truly contribute to preserve our planet. The GWP<1, ODP=0.The natural refrigerant employed will keep our skies blue and our air clean to breathe.2.Vicot solar air-conditioning features1, Facilitates 24-hour solar power driven air conditioning for cooling, heating and domestic hot water with built-in thermal energy storage2, Provides the capability to use exhaust heat, natural gas, and process gas to operate or supplement heating and cooling.3, Uses a novel concentrating trough collector design with an energy, efficiency of over 75%, four times the energy density of conventional solar water heater collectors.4, Uses MR717 as natural refrigerant without damaging the environment.5, Phase change thermal energy storage using 220°C phase transition molten salt material.6, Return on investment of 3.5 years over conventional electric air conditioners.(in 800W/m2 radiation, 3200 insolation hours/year)7, Electricity saving is 417kW.h/m2 per year.(irradiance: 800W/m2, the sun light hour per year: 3,200 hours)8, Annual CO2 emission reduction is 370 kg/m2.(irradiance: 800W/m2, the sun light hour per year: 3,200 hours)3.Vicot principle schematic diagram of solar air conditioning system The Vicot solar air conditioning system consists of three components, i.e. the solar collector, the air conditioner, and the thermal energy storage system. The solar trough collector is designed to be capable of reaching up to 300°C. A heat transfer loop transports thermal energy to the absorption air conditioner.The absorption chiller converts the high temperature heat into building cooling and heating via a hydronic chilled water system.Thermal energy storage is provided via the phase change heat storage system and/or an ice storage system allowing continuous chiller and heater operation throughout the night and during cloudy days.Additional cooling and heating can be obtained from the chiller via use of natural or process gas which can be combusted in the generator of the chiller.4.Extraordinary technology achieves ultra-high efficiency(solar air conditioning collector) Chinese and American scientists and engineers developed a system with over 75% collector efficiency, which Vicot now offers at a very competitive price. This makes this product a greatcontributor to a clean energy world.5.Extraordinary technology yields environmental protection(solar air conditioning unit) Chinese and American scientists and engineers achieved extraordinary efficiency for the HFC-free absorption chiller, with an unparalleled COP employing MR717 natural refrigerant.6.Extraordinary technology for harvesting and storing solar energy(solar air conditioning accumulator)Chinese and American scientists and engineers used their collaborative knowledge and experience to solve energy storage and management issues in the medium- high temperature solarenergy field.Optional selection of ice storage and/or heat storage, enabling 24 hour cooling and heating using solar energy even at night come true 1, The test conditions of the unit:sun radiation Q=1000W/m2; ambient temperature ta=3°Cchilled water inlet tin=12°C chilled water outlet tout=7°C2, Adjust range for the unit is the range of its stepless inverter.3, For the selection of energy storage capacity that can be on the base of the actual projects design, and for the ice storage can be optional.4, In the special circumstances, may use gas and hot oil as supplement

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