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Dental Autoclave sterilizer 23L class B with Printer

Price: 1
Brand Name: P&T
Model Number: BTD 23
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 20,2012

Product Description: Dental Autoclave sterilizer 23L class B with Printer

Functional Features

Advanced pressure steam way of sterilization internationally recognized.Convenient operating menus, customers are able to set up day and time etc.New generation structure of fully automatic electronic lock.Premium quality stainless steel stretched internal liner.High-luminance liquid crystal display.Built-in temperature sensing printer.Warm-up key setup, in order to keep the temperature in sterilization room around 70°C.(This function can reduce the cycle time by quickly reaching the sterilization temperature.)Build-in set by itself function with wide range of procedures and items available.Build-in cleaning and sewage equipment.Connect directly with external distilled water system or sewage pipe.

Application Range
The autoclaves is mainly applied to operating room, dentistry, ophthalmology and biomedical research institutes, it can sterilize substances such as operation instruments, stomatological instruments, dressing, glassware, injecting apparatus and others pressure steam resistant instruments.




Power Voltage And Frequency

AC220V, 50 Hz

Input Power 


Sterilization Temperature

121°C/134°C(Customer Definition 105°C~134°C)

Operating Environment Temperature


Room of Sterilization




0verall Dimension(L×H×D)  

475tmn × 443mm ×632mm

Net Weight


Choosing Built—in Printing


Supplier Details:

Ningbo Boya Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Kathy Huang

Contact Phone:0086-574-22659555

Main Products:HM


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