Activated Carbon For Drinking Water Treatment

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Post Date: Mar 20,2012

Product Description: Activated Carbon For Drinking Water Treatment



AC WT I-- M830   

Iodine Number: 850mg/g min                   Moisture: 2% wt max

Abrasion Number: 75 min                        Effective Size: 0.8-1.0mm    

Uniformity Coefficient: 2.1 

Mesh Size US Sieve Larger than 8 Mesh 5% max,Smaller than 30 Mesh 4% max

Food Chemical Codex Passes 


AC WT II-- M1240

Iodine Number: 1000mg/g min                  Moisture: 2% wt max

Ash: 9%max                                           Abrasion Number: 75 min

Effective Size: 0.55-0.75mm                     Uniformity Coefficient: 1.9

Mesh Size US Sieve Larger than 12 Mesh 5% max,Smaller than 40Mesh 4%max    


AC PAC I-- Molasses Decolor 75 min       Iodine Number 500mg/g min

Moisture 8% max                                   Tanning Value 200mg/L min  

PH Alkaline                                            Bulk Density 510kg/m3

Mesh Size US Sieve Series

Less than 325 Mesh (45um) 90% min   Less than 200 Mesh (75um) 95% typical

Less than 100 Mesh (150um) 99% typical  

Food Chemical Codex Passes


AC PAC II--Molasses Number 190 min     Iodine Number 800mg/g min

Moisture 3% max

Mesh Size US Sieve Series  Less than 325 Mesh (45um) 50% min

Less than 200 Mesh (75um) 88% typical   Less than 100 Mesh (150um) 96% typical

Food Chemical Codex Passes


AC Aqua900-- Iodine Number 900mg/g min    Surface Area 950m2/g min

Methylene Blue 200mg/g min                        Total Pore Volume 0.88cm3/g min

Apparent Density 500kg/m3 typical                Moisture 2% wt max

Water Soluble Matter 0.2% max                    PH 8

Chlorine Half Length 3.0cm 1240 (US Sieve)   Ball Pen Hardness 96%

Mesh Size 12*40/8*30 or as your request


AC POU/POE-- Molasses Decolor 95 min       Iodine Number 625mg/g min

Tanning Value 130mg/L min                           Moisture 8% max  

Surface Area 650m2/g min                             Pore Volumn 0.95ml/g min 

Apparent Density 400kg/m3 typical                Floating Dust 0.4% max

US Sieve Series   > 20mesh 5max   <50 mesh 5max

Food Chemical Codex Passes


AC G1240-- Molasses Number 230 min           Iodine Number 1020mg/g min

Abrasion Number 75% min                             Moisture 2% max  

Apparent Density 490kg/m3 typical                 Effective Size 0.65mm typical  

Uniformity Coeffecient 1.6 typical

Mesh Size 12*40 US Sieve Series   

Food Chemical Codex Passes


AC G830-- Molasses Number 210 min             Iodine Number 920mg/g min

Abrasion Number 75% min                             Moisture 2% max

Apparent Density 500kg/m3 typical                 Effective Size 1.0mm typical

Uniformity Coefficient 1.7 typical                     Mesh Size 8*30 US Sieve Series

Food Chemical Codex Passes

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