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PV Solar/Wind Hybrid System Power Inverter 2500W FG

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Brand Name: CRSNB
Model Number: CRS-N242500FG
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 20,2012

Product Description: PV Solar/Wind Hybrid System Power Inverter 2500W FG

This pure sine wave inverter converts the DC power supply to 220V/124V AC for common use.


First priority of charging be given to solar and wind generators and second priority of charging is for grid electrical power


First priority power from State-Grid to device,if State-Grid is not available,inverter return back AC power from battery immediately to keep device continually working



*   Inverter Specification                                     Inverter Function

Rate Power:  2500W                                          ·   LED Display Peak Power:  3500W                                        ·   Buzzer Alarm AC Output Voltage: 110/220/240VAC                ·   Over-Load Protection DC Intput Voltage: 24/48VDC                            ·   Over-Voltage Protection Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave                              ·   Low-Voltage Protection Frequency: 60Hz/50Hz                                       ·   Over-Temperature Protection Overload Protection: 30/ 60V                              ·   Short-Circuit Protection Efficiency:≥ 85%                                               ·   Parallel connection               Working temperature: -20 oC to 50 oC Gross Weight(Packing): 13.8Kg Measurement(Packing): 57cm×33cm×18cm


    Grid-Charger Specification                                       Grid-Charger Function


· AC Intput Voltage:110VAC,220VAC,240VAC                · LED Display        

· Input Electric Current Range : 5A~8A                           · Over-Charge Protection




   Wind Generator Charger Specification                   Grid-Charger Function


· AC Intput Voltage Range: 210VAC~310VAC                · LED Display  

· Input Electric Current Range: 5A~11A                         · Over-Charge Protection  

                                                                                    · MPPT Charger(Max Power 

                                                                                                           Point Tracking)


  Solar Charger Specification                                 Solar Charger Function


· DC Intput Voltage Range: 12VDC,24VDC                    · LED Display  

                                                                                   · Over-Charge Protection  

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Yueqing Risheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Kangar Lau

Contact Phone:86-0577-62317787

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