Professional (IPL+RF) Elight Hair Removal Machine for skin care(CE/ISO)

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Post Date: Mar 19,2012

Product Description: Professional (IPL+RF) Elight Hair Removal Machine for skin care(CE/ISO)

Professional (IPL+RF) Elight Hair Removal Machine for skin care(CE/ISO)


Elight introduction

E-light technology is an innovative, non-ablative treatment, its biggest characteristic is to solve a variety of benign skin diseases, such as telangiectasia, pigment spots, does not damage skin, meet today's fast-paced life of the broad masses of women’s request, the clinical results were satisfactory.


 Bio-stimulating principle

Intense pulsed light effects on the skin resulting from the photochemical process promote collagen regeneration, making the dermal layer of collagen fibers and elastic fibers within the molecular structure change, restore the original flexibility. In addition, the role of light and heat it generates can enhance vascular function, improve circulation, so as to eliminate wrinkles, shrink pores treatment



The principle of light paralysis:

se pulsed light acting on the skin, because lesions within the pigment group content is much higher than that of normal skin tissue, in the absorption of pulsed light, the diseased tissue absorption of light energy is much higher than that of normal skin, use their temperature difference which causes the vascular lesions closed, pigment breakdown decomposition, part of the skin pigment have been proposed, some pigment can be broken down into macrophage phagocytosis of small particles, after phagocytosis by macrophages out of the body with the lymphatic system; for normal skin tissue absorb slight less heat and do not damage to normal skin .tissue.


 Principle of treatment of red blood streak

Selective absorption of light energy of Hemoglobin results in the blood temperature, heat conduction to the vessel wall causes endothelial cells swelling of vascular,

Spasmodic contraction, tissue hypoxia, both the atrophy, condensation, necrosis, dilation of the vascular occlusion, to receive fine capillaries effect.


The principle of hair removal

In the growth period of the dermal papilla will be destroyed after absorption light energy, so as to achieve the effect of gross.

From a medical perspective, no hair is growing fine white hairs, which does not affect appearance.


The range of treatment


1 freckle: freckles, chloasma age spots, dermal patches and other stain

2 wrinkle removal, face-lift, facial lift; dispel pouch and black rim of the eyes

3 red bloods: red face, also known as red-faced, dilated capillaries, redness of hereditary and acquired

4acne: acne, folliculitis, acne scars, acne pits, acne, etc.; 5whitening: remove yellow, remove black, tighten pores, whitening skin all over the body; 6permanenthair removals: remove excess hair in different parts of the body


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