Rotary vacuum evaporator

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Brand Name: Yuanqiang
Model Number: YQ201108
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 19,2012

Product Description: Rotary vacuum evaporator



Evaporating Rate: 1200--120000L/H

 Evaporating equipmentis generally made of long tubes (4-8 meters in length) which are surrounded by steam jackets. The uniform distribution of the solution is important when using this type of evaporator. The solution enters and gains velocity as it flows downward. This gain in velocity is attributed to the vapor being evolved against the heating medium, which flows downward as well. This evaporator is usually applied to highly solutions so it is frequently used in the chemical, food, and fermentation industry.

Applicable range:

Evaporating equipment is a industrial device to concentrate solutions, especially with heat sensitive components. The device is applicable for dairy products,pharmacy,glucose,starch,chemical industry,xylose,citric acid,ammonium sulfate,biological engineering,environmental engineering and waste liquid recovery and treatment,etc.


System components:

Composed of evaporizer of various effects, separators of various effects, condenser, hot pressure pump, sterilizer, heat preservation tube, vacuum and drainage
system, materials converting pumps of various stages, branch cylinder, operation platform, electric meter control cabinet, valve, pipe etc.


Equipment Characteristics:
A.Low evaporation consumption,1kg steam can evaporate 3.5kg water.
B.Low evaporation temperature.Part of twice steam can be inhald into single-effect heater through spray type hot pressure pump.The heat quantity can be fully used and the evaporation temperature is low.
C.Large concentration ratio with falling film type evaporation,which can make material liquid with larger viscosity be easy to flow and evaporate.Hard to agglomerate with short concentration time.The concentration ratio can reach 1:5.
D.The equipment can realize automatic production,intellectual system management,which is in comformity with GMP standard.


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Wenzhou City Yuanqiang Evaporation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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