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Post Date: Mar 19,2012

Product Description: 2012 Water Slide Decal Transfer Paper

Water Slide Transfer Paper 


1.Water Slide Transfer Paper Advantages:

Smooth surface, no concavities, uniform layer, no leakage of gelatin, strong adaptation to environment, steady flexibility, easy to color and print, no deformation nor curling, efficient to remove, no residues after removing, no print of the paper and no stain after decoration firing.

2.Water Slide Transfer Paper Sizes are as follows:
390x540mm   400x600mm   480x650mm   500x700mm       457x635mm   540x760mm     510x700mm
(Sizes can be determined according to the customers’ request)



3.Water Slide Transfer Paper Producing Environment:

 Water Slide Transfer Paper  is around 22°C with a relative humidity of 55%. The temperature and humidity of the workshop ought to be kept at a steady level so as to avoid deformation of the paper caused by sudden changes. In this way, exquisite chromatograph can be ensured.
1). Since water transfer paper is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, protection against dampness and insolation should be emphasized in the printing process in order to ensure best effect.
2). Before printing, place the papers in the workshop for a period of time to adjust them to the environment. The papers can be used when they are in a steady state. When printing pricy decals containing gold, it should be finished within one working shift to reduce unnecessary losses.
3). When removing water transfer paper, clean warm water (about 25°C) should be used and the water should be changed often. It’s very important to use warm water especially in winter.



4.Water Slide Transfer Paper printing process:

1). Create your very own water slide decals, using your
   screen printer with our water slide decal paper.
2). Turn your very own custom designs into decals, using
   this very easy to use water slide decal paper.
3)These decals may be applied onto almost any smooth,
   non-porous surface.
4). Glass, metal, ceramic ware (for decorative purposes),
   wood, furniture, candles, soap, model airplanes, model
   railroads, die-cast cars, fishing rods, picture frames,
   book covers, albums and appliances are just some
   examples of where water-slide decals may be applied.

water transfer paper--silkscreen printing--drier



5.  Water Slide Transfer Paper Transferring Process


 The printed transfer paper is then cut apart. When it is placed in water, the picture printed on the transfer paper begins to slide off. While carefully sliding it off the paper, the picture is then transferred to a plate or other product to which it adheres.Any excess water is drained off, and once the product is dry, it's then processed in a kiln at 800°C.






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